History of Sachs and Boge German Manufacturers

Recent Growth of ZF

ZF is a organisation that is constantly growing as it acquisitions well developed brands and manufacturers in order to progress and improve their own range of products. Have a look at the progress that they have made recently:

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ZF TRW's Innovative Integrated Brake Control System to launch in high volume | PR Newswire

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History of Sachs and Boge German Manufacturers

History of Sachs

Sachs is a manufacturer and supplier of high quality parts for automotive purposes. All products made by Sachs use high quality materials which has resulted in Sachs being highly demanded by well-known car manufacturers. ZF is a brand which provides automobile parts to the public as well as car manufacturers, Sachs is a brand within ZF.

The brand Sachs has continuously been growing as a German brand since 1894, starting with making bicycle wheels and now they have progressed onto dampers and clutches as well as many other automobile parts.


"Motion and Mobility", ZF is one of the top three automotive suppliers in the world. With over 230 locations over 40 countries this spare parts supplier is used for not only cars but also trucks, buses and agricultural machinery.

As well as providing parts for automobiles, ZF has expanded its range in order to provide parts for other products such as wind turbines. ZF provides several gearboxes which can be used in wind turbines of all sizes. If you want to know more about the specification or manufacturing of wind turbines, click here.


Similar to Sachs, Boge is a manufacturer and supplier of parts for automobiles the difference between the two being the parts that they provide. Boge specialises in industrial air compressors, compressed air services and compressed air systems and equipment.

Similar to Sachs, Boge provides various parts for a specific purpose being automobiles but they are also expanding in to the renewable energy market. The parts manufactured by Boge are used to assist compressed air systems that are used in creating sustainable energy and have a reputation of providing cost efficient and quality air systems.

The energy efficient systems created by Boge will save over one third of compressed air created when generating energy. It takes little effort to do this and can save a lot of money, if you are interested in becoming more sustainable click here.

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